X7 Autopilot Adjustment Announcement

Unfortunately, due to the impact of global chip supply chain shortage, the company has decided after study that X7 autopilot will undergo hardware adjustment, and the performance of the new X7 has been improved. Meanwhile, the product may be renamed (tentative X7+), and the production of the existing X7 autopilot will be stopped. Product stock is limited, each person limited to purchase one set, while stock lasts.

About X7+ Autopilot

In terms of design, the original design of X7 will be maintained, interface definitions, dimensions, etc. will not be modified, and only some small distinctions will be made in appearance, which will not affect existing customers. Please rest assured. At the same time, the new X7+ flight controller is compatible with APM and PX4 firmware, and after 6 months of testing, it will maintain its stability and reliability as always.

X7+ Autopilot Launch Time

X7+ autopilot is expected to be available for sale and shipped on November 20.


1.5Kg load | 150Km Ultra distance range | Tool-free quick realease and folding structure | Efficient aerodynamic load,reduce flight resistance | Equipped with CUAV CLOUD,real-time remote inspection.


STM32H743 Processor

ADI16470 Sensor

RM3100 Industrial Compass


STM32H743 Processor

RM3100 Industrial Compass

Saperated Design


STM32H743 Processor

RM3100 Industrial Compass

Intergrated Design


CUAV and PX4 jointly build

Adopt FMUv5 hardware standard



Mapping | Inspection | 60km fly Range

Quick Assemble | 1.5kg Load

Flight Controller CORE Unit

integrate all function of Flight Controller

Customize Your Baseboard

Graphic Print, Design the shape, integrate GPS 

Airspeed,Telemetry etc

GPS Module

Integrated buzzer&safety switch



CAN bus protocol

Triple filter design

RM3100 industrial sensor



ublox M9N Module

maximum accuracy 0.7m

Simultaneous receive four satellite systems



ublox M9N Module

maximum accuracy 0.7m

Simultaneous receive four satellite systems

uavcan Protocol


Accuracy:RTK 0.01 m + 1 ppm CEP

20Hz navigation refresh rate

Convergence time <10s

8Hz navigation refresh rate

Accuracy:RTK 0.01 m + 1 ppm CEP

Convergence time: RTK &lt; 60s

Telemetry Module

1080p HD image transmission

4G network transmission, unlimited by distance

Support video sharing


840-845MHz Freqency

1W Emission power      

60km transmission Range


1W emission power

60km transmission distance



30km transmission distance

Data and Video in one


Power Module

Baseboard+Power module+Power distribution board

11KW power

0.05V 0.1A measurement accuracy


ITT impedance temperature tracking algorithm

0.05V 0.1A measurement accuracy

3.5kw output power


10V-60V Input

60A Output

Independent 12V4A interface



ITT impedance temperature tracking algorithm

10-62V Input,120A Pass current

Measurement accuracy ±0.3A ±0.15V