CUAV CAN PMU High Precision Voltage


CUAV PIX CAN PMU High Precision Voltage for V5 PLUS or V5 nano flight controller 

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CUAV PIX CAN PMU High Precision Voltage


Functions overview

CAN PMU is a UAV power management unit module with built-in STM32F4 
processor and running CUAV ITT algorithm. It can accurately measure UAV 
voltage and current in real time. It can support 6-62V voltage and 110A current 
at maximum, and can output 5.4V 8A. The flight controller is powered by CAN 
bus communication and supports the standard UAV CAN protocol. Each PMU 
unit is factory calibrated to ensure good consistency and high accuracy


- Please read the product manual carefully.
- Please check the connection carefully before connecting the battery
- Please use at rated voltage, current and power
- Please read the documentation center for configuration and use
- Do not disassemble
Firmware upgrade
Please visit the CUAV Documentation Center for a firmware upgrade tutorial:
More info
For more information on the product, please visit the CUAV Official Documentation Center:
And official website:






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