CUAV Integrative Receiver ONE BOX Mavlink 5.8G Figure Graph Data 42 Channel Transmission Flight Controller

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500MW 433MHZ 3DR Wireless TX RX Dual TTL Telemetry for Mini Pixhawk APM Pro Flight Control


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CUAV 3DR Radio 100MW 250MW Telemetry TTL & USB Port For APM Pixhawk Pixhack Flight Control

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CUAV ONE BOX Integrated link


ONE BOX is composed of CUAV autonomous flight controller developed for mav link digital image transmission integrated receiver

Built in 500MW sik data transfer (915mhz/433mhz)

Built in 5.8G 42 channel high sensitivity video receiver

The built-in OLED 128*64 screen and microprocessor, can display the flight condition and the state of vide

Through the micro USB interface to access the phone or computer, you can simultaneously obtain real-time flight video and UAV mavlink data

Compared with the digital link, it has a lot of advantages.

It's simpler

The original data transmission and video transmitter can be used

Use a OTG USB line to connect your cell phone and your computer

It's more convenient

The size is only 49mm*39mm in size (3 points per size for an ordinary cell phone)

He's cheaper

The price is only USD 85.00


Size: 49mm X 39mm X 17.5mm


 Package list: :

1*One box integrated receiver

1*external battery

1*AV wiring

1* OTG line

1* 915m antenna

1*5.8G antenna

System communication framework diagram

Understanding ONE BOX

Technical specifications

Hardware specifications

SIKDigital frequency

915Mhz Or 433Mhz

SIKThe number of transmission power


Data communication distance

1-2km * NO shelter and  Jamming environment

Video receiver frequency


Video receiver channel

32 thoroughfare

Video receiver distance

*  As the transmitter power and environment

Sensitivity of video receiver

-90 ~ +5dbm

Standard antenna gain (data transmission)


Standard antenna gain (5.8G)


Video input and output standard

Simulate AV

video resolution


Working environment and physical parameters

Battery capacity and working hours

External 3.6V 2200mAh working hours: 3-5 hours

Antenna Interface

SMA External thread internal needle

Working voltage

5V +-0.25

charging voltage

5V +-0.25

working current

Max 5V 700ma

OLED Display resolution

white 128x64

working temperature



49mm X 39mm X 17.5mm( NO Antenna  )


30G NO including the battery

Working temperature








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