NEW CUAV Pixhack V3 Flight Controller Combo for FPV RC Drone Quadcopter Helicopter

US$ 188.00

Pixhack V3 is a new UAV control system, built by CUAV new, can run PX4 and APM environment.

Support includes: fixed wing, multi-rotor (3-8 rotor), helicopter, vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial machine VTOL, no car, unmanned boat.


NEW FREE SHIPPING CUAV Pixhack V3 Flight Controller Combo for FPV RC Drone Quadcopter Helicopter flight simulator




New PIXHACK V3 change as PIXHACKV3x upgrade:

Since September 2018, CUAV PIXHACK v3 has been upgraded:
  • Optimize the IMU design and integrate all sensors into the imu module for better consistency.
  • Optimize the temperature compensation system to reduce sensor temperature drift.
  • CUAV and the PX4 team work together to optimize, PIXHACK v3 is once again perfectly compatible with PX4 native firmware.
  • Intelligent recognition of the direction of the external compass to solve the troubles of setting up your installation in an abnormal direction.
  • Optimize support for CAN devices.
  • External interface output power upgrade (maximum support 3A/5V), to solve the trouble of high-power radios need independent power supply.
More optimizations:
  • Support high precision electronic compass IST8310.
  • Upgrade BootLoader to FMU v3 and run the full version of APM/PX4 firmware perfectly.PixHack-V3x_01PixHack-V3x_02PixHack-V3x_04PixHack-V3x_05PixHack-V3x_06PixHack-V3x_07



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