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Product Description:
     Car GPS signal jammers are the third generation of green GPS signal jammers, which only shield the receiving signals from the GPS terminals in the field. They do not have any negative influence or interference on the communication and transmission of other electronic devices around. The machine uses a single output, can cover the 1-15 meters (depending on the satellite signal strength) within the scope of all positioning terminals and other GPS signals to be shielded so that all shielding within the GPS positioning terminal contact with the outside world completely Interrupted. The rated voltage of this product is 12V --- 24V. The working frequency bandwidth is 20MHz and the frequency range is 1560-1580MHz. Product Size: 95 (L) × 36 (W) × 25 (H) mm, product weight: 33 grams.
Product Features:
1, shielding GPS frequency band
2, the total launch power 0.8W
3, the effective shielding distance of 1-15 meters (factory commissioned according to customer requirements)
4, portable convenience, small size, light weight,
5, low power consumption, no harm to the human body and environmental protection
6, effectively prevent GPS satellite positioning and tracking! Disturbance, dry was hand. 0 will be the number of hair measured! Device!
7, effectively interfere with GPS satellite signals to protect your whereabouts privacy and confidential information. ° C first track, the car section of your favorite item rate items
8, small size, high power, light weight, large coverage, easy to carry. ~ 0 will be a sub-paragraph shelves substitutes for all countries and countries
9, effectively prevent the car / mobile GPS positioning satellite system, tracking! God with the hand screen screen hand-held fan machine with the volume rate,
10, this product is the first in the country, you are welcome agent inquiries.
Instructions for use:
1. Remove the GPS device and install the antenna.
2. Insert the car corresponding cigarette lighter mouth.
3. When the device is powered on, the light is on, work normally.
4. When finished using GPS signal can be removed directly to the mask.
When using the car GPS jammer should pay attention to what time:
     1, shielding the antenna is intact
2, antenna and instrument interface is tightened.
3, whether the inserted instrument is in good contact with the vehicle's cigarette point.
4, the product can only be used as protection of the user's privacy, strictly prohibited the use of the product for criminal activities, offended!



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