Service Terms

1.Commodity Guarantee and Description

  1. The goods on sale in the CUAV official website are all genuine products, please rest assured to buy.
  2. Due to the light, Angle, display and different production batches of the products in our store, there may be a slight color difference between the photos and the real products. Please refer to the real products.

2.Distribution and Logistics

After your order is successfully submitted, we will try our best to ship the goods within the specified time and update the logistics tracking number in the order back-stage. In case of logistics problems or accidents, we will assist customers to inquire about logistics.Please note we are not responsible for any compensation other than those provided by logistics to customers. All inquiries and claims shall be in accordance with logistics regulations.

3.Dispute Handling

If there is any dispute between the customer and the store, it can be resolved in accordance with the agreement or relevant laws recognized by both parties at that time. Our products are electronic product parts and accessories for outdoor RC hobby flying,not toys.but It is a special electronic equipment.It is fully capable of harming you and others, or even causing serious harm. Buyers must have a high degree of recognition and recognition, and strictly read the relevant operating specifications of the RC model and comply with relevant rules and regulations.

4.Product Precautions

  1. You must know clearly before purchasing and operating accessory modules. According to the electronic module malfunction that have occurred internationally and domestically, all minors, or people with diseases or disabilities who have obstacles to operation, such as vision, hearing, People with physical, language, and mobility difficulties, as well as those with a history of allergies to plastics, glues and related products, should avoid indirectly or directly participating in the operation of this product.
  2. During the installation and operation of the product, special care must be taken not to allow babies, young children, blind people, people with allergies, mentally handicapped persons, and mentally ill persons to touch and approach modules and parts, tools, glue, batteries, etc. Avoid any accidental injuries that may occur.
  3. We strongly recommend that all buyers of accessories or electronic modules must learn some basic installation and commissioning knowledge related to model accessories,and under the personal guidance of experienced model enthusiasts or model coaches to make and operate.
  4. The necessary electronic module knowledge and professional guidance.For all products sold on this store, firstly requires strict usage and assembly, under the prerequisite of the necessary model technology,we are only responsible for the after-sales of the product itself (the purchased product itself) if there any problems that arise,(After the we confirms that it is a quality problem, it will be repaired or replaced). Otherwise the store is not responsible for any other losses and injuries caused by this.
  5. Product use and operating environment and operating regulations:After installing our products on your model, when using the site, there must be an open, flat and safe site with a radius of more than 1 km. Pay special attention to stay away from dangerous areas with crowds, traffic, buildings, public facilities,and animals,such as various types of buildings, high-voltage lines, water conservancy, highways and bridges, etc.You should also avoid all kinds of weather and climate disasters, such as rain, fog, strong wind and other weather that is not suitable for model operation,and be sure to strictly abide by the government’s relevant no-fly notices and related no-fly regulations,if there any violation of the regulations,It belongs to the personal behavior of model users, and our store does not take any responsibility.
  6. Product usage:Our electronic module product is only a legal used for outdoor sports equipment accessory, without the written consent of CUAV Tech Inc.,Ltd, it is not allowed to use it for political, religious, military propaganda or other special or illegal purposes.
  7. Product appearance:As a model sports product accessory, the design, manufacturing, and sales of CUAV store do not have any political, military, religious, national, ethnic, or color propaganda significance.What we can do is to respect science, history, and the rules of aviation model sports as much as possible.The purpose of the business is to promote and popularize our CUAV products.

*Other unmentioned matters shall be carried out in compliance with relevant local laws and regulations!