CUAV CAN PMU Lite Power Module | Open Source Drone Hardware

CUAV CAN PMU Lite Features:

1–Support 10 ~ 62V voltage input.

2–Maximum measuring current: maximum 110A.

3–Accuracy voltage and current detection: current accuracy within 80A is 0.2, voltage accuracy is 0.15V.

4–Power indicator LED : visually indicate Lipo voltage status.


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Product Brief

CAN PMU lite is a CUAV standard version of the power management module, built-in STM32F412 processor, supports 10~62V voltage input and 5.4V/4A regulated output. Compared with HV_PM, it uses advanced CAN bus communication and supports standard UAVCAN protocol. PMU lite has built-in ITT temperature compensation algorithm and performs factory calibration to ensure the consistency of measurement results at different temperatures.

Product main function

1. Support 10~62V voltage input

2. Maximum passing current: maximum 90A

3. Measurement accuracy, current accuracy within 80A 0.2, voltage accuracy 0.15V

4. Regulated output: can provide up to 21W 5.2V/4A power output for peripherals

5. Power indicator LED, visually indicate Lipo voltage status

6. Future upgrades support more functions such as power consumption statistics and instantaneous power consumption push

Hardware specifications 

Input voltage10-62V (2-15S Lipo)
Maximum current90A
oltage accuracy±0.15V
Current accuracy±0.2A
Maximum output power4200W / 90S
Maximum stable output power3600W
5V regulated outputMaximum 5A,stable 4A
letter of agreementUAVCAN
Operating temperature-20 ~ 100℃
Firmware upgradestand by
Interface TypeIN / OUT: XT60-M / XT60-F Power/CAN: 502585-0670 Other: SM06B-GHS-TB
Product Size140mm (length) * 25mm (width) * 13mm (height)
APM firmware support1.Rover 3.5.1and above are available 2.Copter 3.7and above are available 3.Plane 3.10and above are available 4.Heli3.7and more available Copter3.6firmware users need toflash the3.7version firmware and then flash back to the 3.6 version
PX4 firmware supportPX4 Pro V1.10.1 or higher