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CUAV NEW match 4G Remote Inspection Package B with

V5+flight controller*1

NEO 3 GPS *1

LTE Link SE*1

Q10F camera*1

V5+ Flight controller V5+

CUAV Advanced autopilot designed jointly with PX4 team and manufactured by CUAV. It is based on Pixhawk FMUv5 design standards and is perfectly compatible with PX4 and ArduPilot firmware. The separated design can support user customize flight control baseboard.

NEO 3 GNSS module

NEO 3 integrates ublox M9N positioning system, compass, autopilot status light, and buzzer in one: it can receive Beidou, Galileo,GLONASS, and CPS positioning and navigation signals at the same time; single-point positioning accuracyis up to 0.7M.

LTE Link SE–4G

UAV communication link CUAVCloud, solution based on Internet UAV remote communication and management. Use UAV to load CUAVCloud link series products, Connect 4G/5G network to transmit flight data and video data, use FeiGong Transmission destop app or CUAV GS Android app, multi-person cooperative remote control of aircraft, support multiple drones simultaneously operation, remote control and real-time data/video and video transmission. It is very suitable for the inspection tasks of power grids, construction sites, parks, ports and other places.

10x Optical Zoom Camera

The Q10F gimbal and camera features an 10x optical zoom lens. The type 1/3 inch CMOS sensor supports approx, 4 million effective pixels, HD 1080p video, fast auto-focus speed, small size, designed for UAV aerial photography. Factory, all the parameters have been perfectly set, you just need to install the gimbal camera to UAV, then ready to fly. The gimbal can be controlled in three directions: YAW, ROLL and PITCH , we use FOC solution can greatly compensate the vibration of UAV. The image is very stable even at ten optical zoom times. Q10F have been widely used in various fields like public security, electric power, fire, zoom aerial photography and other industries in the application of drones.