CUAV Package | New Match VTOL package Set A X7 Core Carrier Board


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CUAV match VTOL flight controller Package set with

CAN PDB carrier board *1

X7 core *1

NEO 3 GPS *1

P9 telemetry set *1

Airspeed sensor with tube *1

CAN PDB with X7 core

CAN PDB is a new integrated flight controller board, which combines the function of the flight controller board with the power module. When combined with CORE, it can provide autopilot function for multiple types of equipment such as Copter/Plane/Helicopter/VTOL/unmanned vehicle/Rover, and provide 10 channels redundant main power supply and 88 W 5/12V power output at the same time.Both circuit design and hardware workmanship materials, CAN PDB are outstanding. Up to 952CM dissipating copper sheet and self-developed TTI algorithm. which can provide up to 180 A of continuous operating current for any device, and at the same time provide 0.1 A current ,0.05 V voltage precision measurement comparable to precision instruments.

NEO 3 GPS–GNSS module

NEO 3 integrates ublox M9N positioning system, compass, autopilot status light, and buzzer in one: it can receive Beidou, Galileo.GLONASS, and CPS positioning and navigation signals at the same time: single-point positioning accuracyis up to 0.7M.

P9 radio telemetry

P9 Radio telemetry P9 Radio products belong to ultra-long distance UAV data communication module. The product has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability in the process of long-distance communication, safe and reliable encryption, verification and transmission of data, ensuring fast refresh of real-time data and preventing data tampering in the process of data communication. The Sky Terminal and the ground terminal can be randomly switched to support single point and networking communication mode.

Airspeed sensor with Tube

The function of the airspeed meter: Airspeed is the relative speed of the aircraft and the air, and GPS measures the speed relative to the ground. Since fixed-wing models rely on Bernoulli’s principle to generate lift, airspeed is a necessary condition for generating lift, which is why fixed-wing aircraft are generally equipped with airspeed meters. Insufficient airspeed is called a stall. . If the airspeed of 20km cannot produce enough lift, the aircraft will spin, crash, and so on. Generally speaking, manual flight does not need to be equipped with an airspeed meter. If the power is insufficient, increase the throttle, but for automatic flight like VTOL, it must be equipped.