CUAV HV_PM Power Module | 10-60V Pixhack Pixhawk XT60 Plug For RC Drone FPV


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HV_PM 10-60V XT60 Power Module


Hold more high input voltage: 10v-60v (3s ~ 14s battery)
More accurate current and voltage detection: Voltage detection accuracy: + – 0.1v; Current detection accuracy: + – 0.2aA
Support higher power port output current: 5A
Maximum (detection) current: 60A


Provide 5V voltage output and maximum 5A current to fly control power supply
Detection of the current voltage output analog signal to the flight control
Detection of the current system output analog signal to the flight control
Because PIX flight control ADC maximum detection voltage of 3.3, so the maximum can only support 60A current detection.
Its use is very simple, 6P signal line into the flight control POWER connector

Ground station settings:

Use USB or digital connection to the ground station
Initial Setup >> Optional Hardware >> Battery Detector
Select monitor: 4; Sensor 0; APM version 4; Fill in divider ratio 18; fill amperes per volt: 24
Manual calibration voltage:
Because the PM module is an analog sensor device, there may be some differences
You can calibrate the parameters for better accuracy
Pre-calibration preparation:
1: Multimeter or BB ring (calibration voltage use)
Calibration voltage steps:
1: Use battery power, and connect to the ground station
2: Use the multimeter or BB to measure the current battery voltage
3: Select the sensor version is 0, in the measured battery voltage input current measured voltage filled into the box, click the mouse or click the TAB button, the ground station will automatically calculate a partial pressure ratio coefficient and automatically save the write Flight control
4: The calibration is complete, no current calibration required.

Package Included:

voltage current *1,

HV_PM power module

For pixhack version, For pixhawk version, For V5+/nano version, For X7/Nora version