CUAV Minim OSD | On-Screen Display Diy Drones APM2.0 APM2.5 APM2.6 PIXHACK PIXHAWK

OSD is the automatic identification of video formats of the camera


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CUAV NEW Minim OSD On-Screen Display Ardupilot Mega Mini OSD Rev. 1.1 OSD diy drones APM2.0 APM2.5 APM2.6 PIXHACK PIXHAWK


Note that the osd can be used only in APM, can not meet the GPS used alone, can only read protocol mavlink
if it is used alone, please put the TX RX must be connected to APM
if it is connected to digital are used together, take the TX do not set the OSD, RX can directly
OSD when using the camera should be the first to electricity, or electricity in the OSD and the camera together, otherwise it will lead to can not detect the formats to display images or OSD information
the OSD is the automatic identification of video formats of the camera. but if you do not pick up the camera, you can choose a point in the back does not have a camera output formats. the default is N, the welding where PAL PAL output
MinimosD, is based on the Arduino OSD. the one designed for ArduPilot MEGA and protocol MAVlink flight control system design
its main part is an Arduino ATmega328 MCU and monochrome screen MAX7456 stack chips. programming is via a FTDI compatible 6 pin connector.
it owns two independent power supply and ground part of the OSD function isolation phase of simulation: a 5 V ATMEGA part and OSD digital phase function, based on cable or other FTDI 5 V power supply; and a 5 V analog voltage phase part of the OSD function through the video / output connectors, able to handle up to + 12 V from the input power supply. welding line jump, power supply and the floor two pieces together if necessary.
ATmega328P bootloader with Arduino
monochrome display MAX7456
FTDI compatible pin cable
standard 6 pin ISP head
part two independent power supply, each LED light indicator
combining the solder jumper power part
+ 5 V 500 ma + 12 V setting of the input power supply
solder jumper video options PAL
Los Angeles, HSYNC and exposed test points
size: 0.7 inches wide x1.7 “L (2.4” W / pins shown on the following) x 0.3 “H


Size (mm):20X44X7.5

 weight: 25g

Package including:
4* data line (TTL x, OSD, y, image transmission line)


1*OSD  panel, module

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

Pixhack, Pixhawk, V5+ and X7 Series FC