XunWing X4 Copter Support Customize


CUAV’s newly launched Quacopter Integrated System is equipped with CUAV’s CUAVCloud system, which can transmit real-time high-definition video at unlimited distances.
XunWing X4 Integrated System SPEC
Autopilot V5+
Video transmitter LTE-Link SE
Data Telemetry LTE-Link SE
Camera 10x zoom
Propeller 1655
Motor 3510 KV360
Battery 22.1V 6s 10000mAh
Remote SIYI XT32
Aircraft size 51×53×24(cm)
Wheelbase 66cm
Frame material Carbon fiber (the tripod is made of plastic material)
Weight 3.12kg
load 0.5kg
Remote distance 3km
Data transmission distance Mobile network transmission, unlimited distance
Image transmission distance Mobile network transmission, unlimited distance
Maximum flight speed 12m/s
Wind resistance level 6
Flight mileage 12km
Flight time 35 minutes
Scalable equipment RTK/Rangefinder etc./Optical flow, radar, ultrasonic etc.
Scope of application Aerial photography, inspection, live broadcast, etc.
Ground station support MissionPlanner,QGroundControl,CUAV GS,FeiGongTransmisson
Return error <1.5m
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 20 cm