UAV Power Module

The main function of the power module is to output different voltages and currents to provide stable and reliable power for various equipment, to ensure the normal power supply of each component and to output accurate battery information to the ground station in real time. Some power supply modules are also integrated with flight controller baseboard, which can optimize wiring, save internal structure space, contribute to product miniaturization, improve integration level and reduce cost.
CAN PDB is a new integrated flight controller board, which combines the function of the flight controller board with the power module. When combined with CORE, it can provide autopilot function for multiple types of equipment such as Copter/Plane/Helicopter/VTOL/unmanned vehicle/Rover, and provide 10 channels redundant main power supply and 88 W 5/12V power output at the same time. Both circuit design and hardware workmanship materials, CAN PDB are outstanding. Self-developed TTI algorithm. which can provide up to 180 A of continuous operating current for any device, and at the same time provide 0.1 A current ,0.05 V voltage precision measurement comparable to precision instruments.
CAN PMU is a UAV power management unit module with built-in STM32F4 processor and running CUAV ITT algorithm. It can accurately measure UAV voltage and current in real time. It can support 6-62V voltage and 110A current at maximum, and can output 5.4V 5A(Instant 8A/120s, sustainable 5A). The flight controller is powered by CAN bus communication and supports the standard UAV CAN protocol. Each PMU unit is factory calibrated to ensure good consistency and high accuracy.
CPBB Pro is an integrated electric circuit board of unmanned aerial vehicle with high precision and high working voltage. It is mainly used for multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles.Support input voltage of 10-60V, voltage measurement accuracy of 0.1V, current measurement accuracy of 0.2A, A flight controller power output port, one 12V output, one 5V output.
CAN PMU Lite is a CUAV standard power management module with built-in STM32F412 processor, supporting 10~62V voltage input and 5.2V/4A regulated output. Compared with HV_PM, it uses advanced CAN bus communication and supports standard UAVCAN protocol. PMU Lite has built-in ITT temperature compensation algorithm and is factory calibrated to ensure that more accurate voltage and current data can be obtained at different temperatures.