UAV Telemetry Module

The telemetry module mainly transmits various data and real-time videos of UAVs to realize the communication between the aircraft and ground pilot. The telemetry module can be divided into four types: data transmission module, image transmission module and data&image integrate transmission module, and data&image remote controller. Data transmission module can only transmit UAV data, image transmission module can transmit real-time video of UAV, and data&image integrate transmission module can transmit UAV data and real-time video together. Figure and number integrated remote control has more remote control remote controller integrates image and data transmission function in the remote control.There are two types of telemetry modes: point-to-point telemetry module and 4G telemetry module. Point-to-point telemetry refers to the direct paired communication between Sky terminal and ground terminal. 4G telemetry module uses Telecom operator network for UAV communication.

P8 Module is an ultra-long data transmission module of UAV. It adopts the communication frequency band of 840MHz. It has a transmission distance of 40km and a transmission rate of 345Kbps. It supports relay communication, meet communication requirements in multiple application scenarios.

P9 Module products is a ultra-long distance UAV data communication module. The product has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability in the process of long-distance communication, safe and reliable encryption, verification
and transmission of data, ensuring fast refresh of real-time data and preventing data tampering in the process of data communication. T

H16/H16 PRO — supports HDMI, network port, SENSOR interface, dual serial port passthrough, S.BUS and other rich interfaces, and supports more cameras, gimbals and other video equipment.Provide development kit, SDK and technical support.Support video levitation, mainstream flight control ground station, QGC, support wireless RTSP video stream sharing.

LTE Link SE 4G communication module and uses Telecom operator 4G network for communication. Light weight and small volume. 1080p HD image transmission, 250ms low latency, data transmission delay 40ms. Supports team functions and video sharing.