CUAV C-RTK 9P Positioning Module | High Precision GPS Drone Hardware PX4 APM

The CUAV C-RTK 9P GPS Receiver is an RTK GPS module designed by CUAV for the professional market. It uses Ublox’s F9P module, supports multi-satellite multi-frequency, and uses advanced RTK algorithms. It can build an RTK system with two identical C-RTK 9P modules. Using it, the PX4 can achieve centimeter-accurate position in seconds, which is much more accurate than the average GPS, and faster and more convenient than the previous generation M8P module.


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Sky and ground unit set–Pixhack version, Sky and ground unit set–Pixhawk version, Sky and ground unit set–V5+ X7 version, Sky and ground unit set+USL–V5+ X7 version, Sky Unit–pixhack version, Sky unit–pixhawk version, sky unit–V5+X7 version, Base Unit